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ESG and Sustainable Investing Around the World
A Look at the New Normal in Wealth Management
by: cor-financial | Date published : November 2020 [Download]
Digital in wealth: what makes a future-ready firm?
How are the leading firms tackling the challenges and opportunities of digital wealth management?
by: CREALOGIX and Compeer | Date published : November 2020 [Download]
UK Wealth Technology Landscape Report 2020
For any wealth manager in the UK, the report provides a uniquely focused, accessible and relevant resource that can be used in combination with The Wealth Mosaic website to support their technological knowledge, planning and strategy.
by: The Wealth Mosaic | Date published : November 2020 [Download]
Artificial Intelligence: A European approach to excellence and trust
The white paper presents a framework for trustworthy AI based on excellence and trust, and sets out expectations of AI systems for both high-risk and low-risk cases.
by: European Commission | Date published : February 2020 [Download]
Boost your client engagement - digitally
Achieving ‘Value at Scale’ with digital advice and enhanced client engagement Efficiency is paramount when considering financial services, but so is client interaction. In this paper, Luxoft and Adviscent discuss how balancing automation and scale with a
by: Avaloq | Date published : January 2020 [Download]
The impact of technology on investment funds
Where does the industry sit in its technology journey? How good is it at applying innovation? And in which areas can it improve? Funds Europe, in association with Calastone, surveyed the industry to provide answers to these questions.
by: Calastone | Date published : November 2019 [Download]
Sharpening the Competitive Edge: A Tier 2 /Tier 3 Bank Perspective
The Euro region experienced a positive growth of 2.4% in 2017. However, the following two metrics indicate the banking industry did not perform well compared to 2015 and 2016.
by: ERI | Date published : October 2019 [Download]
Assessment of Value: Managing data & design
Within the UK market there are approximately 2,345 unique funds, with approximately 11,100 share classes.
by: Broadridge | Date published : October 2019 [Download]
Forbes Insights: Accelerate Business Value with Intelligent Automation
Forbes Insights surveyed over 300 senior executives around the world and asked how and where they’re transforming their businesses with enterprise automation solutions, as well as the benefits—and barriers—to doing more.
by: Kofax | Date published : March 2019 [Download]
Boutique asset managers: The path to scale
The asset management community is unique, comprising organizations that run diverse strategies covering multiple regions and asset classes. Each has its own bespoke structure and setup, and its own obligations and requirements. Due to their size, boutique
by: SSC | Date published : January 2019 [Download]
Credit Funds - The Growth of an Asset Class
Fund managers diversify their strategies to reduce risk and to deliver new and reliable sources of returns for end clients. As more institutional and alternative asset managers acknowledge the difficulties presented by today’s market conditions, such as c
by: SSC | Date published : January 2019 [Download]
Digitisation in practice
: Whose customer are you?
by: Economist Intelligence Unit | Date published : January 2019 [Download]
Family Fortunes
The report also reveals the increasing concerns among families around new digital technologies and how they can tighten security to protect themselves and future generations.
by: Sanlam | Date published : October 2018 [Download]
How to Improve the Quality of Client ServiceE as Well as Profitabilty
by: Objectway | Date published : May 2018 [Download]
Emerging Trends in Relationship Management
Warren Buffett famously stated, “Forecasts may tell you a great deal about the forecaster; they tell you nothing about the future.”
by: ERI | Date published : May 2018 [Download]
The Wealth Report
Super-rich populations are rising, but Europe is slipping down the ranks of the world’s wealthiest regions
by: Knight Frank | Date published : March 2018 [Download]
Derivatives in Wealth Management
by: ObjectWay | Date published : November 2017 [Download]
The Lifetime Savings Challenge 2017
Employee wellbeing not only affects individuals, it also impacts business performance.
by: Close Brothers | Date published : November 2017 [Download]
Selecting Fund Managers and Consultants - What Do Trustees Look For?
by: Aon Hewitt | Date published : July 2017 [Download]
UK Front Office Banking & Asset Management Salary Survey 2017
positive outlook for Financial Services in the UK and the City of London
by: Michael Page | Date published : May 2017 [Download]
European Market Infrastructure Regulations whitepaper
Since 2014, EMIR transaction reporting implementation has been wrought with challenges. While the industry looks at the current data quality issues, European regulators are requesting more granularity on the transaction reporting.
by: SS&C | Date published : August 2017 [Download]
The digital fund distribution revolution
Opportunity through change
by: Calastone | Date published : June 2017 [Download]
Study Reveals Private Equity Firms Increasingly Focused on Operational Efficiency, Governance & Transparency
62 percent of survey respondents cite governance and controls as why LPs would select a GP
by: SS&C | Date published : May 2017 [Download]
Digitalisation of Wealth Management in an international context
A paper in the ERI Thought Leadership series
by: ERI Bancaire | Date published : May 2016 [Download]
Trusts and Privacy - A new battle front
Human Rights concerns surrounding the OECD’s Common Reporting Standard rules on trusts, the EU registers of beneficial ownership and other fundamental issues arising from suspicion and ignorance
by: Withers | Date published : February 2015 [Download]
The European Alternative Finance Benchmarking Report
Moving Mainstream
by: University of Cambridge | Date published : February 2015 [Download]
CEE Banking Sector Report 2015
The year 2014 marked the 25 the anniversary of the fall of the Iron Curtain – a historic event that laid the foundations for a success story in terms of economic development and political stability on the European continent.
by: Raiffeisen Bank International | Date published : June 2015 [Download]
Hedge Fund Survey 2015
The Hedge Fund survey presents an aggregated picture of industry activity in the UK, illustrating key trends and risks
by: FCA | Date published : June 2015 [Download]
Optimal Dynamic Portfolio Diversification Across Assets and Over Time
In the first part of this paper we consider a multi-period model with a time-varying vector of mean returns and a time-varying covariance matrix.
by: Valeriy Zakamulin University of Agder - School of Business and Law | Date published : May 2015 [Download]
Pay-Performance Sensitivity and Risk-Taking Behaviors: Evidence from Closed-End Funds
The managers’ pay-performance sensitivity (PPS) of closed-end funds is explicitly specified in the management contract as the marginal rate of funds’ net asset value.
by: Tianna Yang University of Manchester - Division of Accounting and Finance | Date published : May 2015 [Download]
Digital Disruption: UK Banking Report
While banking has been on a path towards digitisation for many years, it is the advent of smart phones and tablet computers that has dramatically accelerated the pace of change. We have gone from almost nobody banking with their phone to millions of peopl
by: BBA | Date published : March 2015 [Download]
London Property Market Rife With Dirty Money
London’s property market is being flooded by corrupt offshore money, with billions of pounds being laundered by foreign criminals and corrupt government officials, according to a report by Transparency International (TI).
by: Transparency International | Date published : March 2015 [Download]
No heavy lifting
How Brooks Macdonald lightened the load for its investment committee
by: BITA RISK | Date published : December 2014 [Download]
UK Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings Changes to the Taxation of UK residential properties
The 2014 Finance Act confirmed the increased scope of the ATED charge so that ATED will apply in the future to UK residential properties with a market value as at 1 April 2012 (or at acquisition, if later) of between £500,000 and £2million where the prope
by: SMP Partners | Date published : Novemer 2014 [Download]
2014 Global Hedge Fund Technology Benchmark Study
Our 2014 Global Hedge Fund Technology Benchmark Study is an impression of the investment management industry and the vendors, systems and solutions firms are using today to support their day-to-day operations
by: Eze Castle Integration | Date published : Novemer 2014 [Download]
Three Forces Affecting Wealth Management Growth and Success in Europe
This white paper explores three rapidly advancing trends impacting wealth management firms across Europe: regulatory compliance, digital mobility and cloud-based/business process outsourcing.
by: ObjectWay | Date published : October 2014 [Download]
The Europe 2020 Competitiveness Report
Building a More Competitive Europe
by: The World Economic Forum | Date published : June 2014 [Download]
Why Business Process Outsourcing?
As a business leader, you face more challenges than ever from competitors, regulators, customers and shareholders. Your business needs to grow revenues, become more flexible in the face of competitive and market pressures and provide customers with excell
by: SS&C | Date published : March 2014 [Download]
Hedge Fund Survey
We collect data from hedge funds and hedge fund managers to inform our supervisory activity, with the aim of ensuring markets work well and of promoting market integrity.
by: FCA | Date published : March 2014 [Download]
Paradigm Shift
The Cloud’s Role in Asset Management
by: SS&C | Date published : March 2014 [Download]
Changing customer expectations and the demand for new service models in banking
Research on consumer banking preferences reveals that retail banks are facing a sweeping transformation of customer habits, with younger customers migrating to online and mobile banking while others demand more consultative services at the branch.
by: Genpact | Date published : December 2013 [Download]
Trends in real estate private equity
Global market outlook
by: Ernst & Young | Date published : 2013 [Download]
Global Market Sentiment Survey 2014
The Future of Finance initiative is a long-term global effort to shape a trustworthy, forward-thinking financial industry that better serves society.
by: CFA Institute | Date published : 2013 [Download]
World Ultra Wealth Report 2013
The report gives you unparalleled insight into the world’s ultra wealthy population, defined as those with net assets of US$30 million and above: by region, country, wealth tiers, gender and between old and new money.
by: Wealth-X and UBS | Date published : September 2013 [Download]
5 Key Course Adjustments for Breaking Through
The 2013 Private Equity Survey
by: SS&C | Date published : September 2013 [Download]
Global Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey 2013
Navigating to tomorrow: serving clients and creating value
by: PwC | Date published : June 2013 [Download]
The Retail Alternatives Phenomenon
What enterprising private fund managers need to know
by: SEI | Date published : June 2013 [Download]
Dimensions of European Wealth 2012
This report examines the size of the HNW sector in the EU by country and looks at the key issues which have affected the HNW sector in the 2 years since our last report on this topic.
by: MDRC | Date published : September 2012 [Download]
The challenge and the opportunity for wealth managers
To date, the bulk of attention has been focused on what the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) means for IFAs, with little attention paid to the implications for Wealth Managers. Our latest report will concentrate on this vital segment of the advice communi
by: JPMorgan Chase & Co | Date published : July 2012 [Download]
The consumer market post-RDR
Winning Propositions establishes the attributes an advisory business will need to demonstrate to prosper in a post-RDR world.
by: JPMorgan Chase & Co | Date published : August 2012 [Download]
Top 50 Global Private Banks, 2005-­2010
Total size of top 50 offshore client assets = $12.5 trillion
by: Tax Justice Network | Date published : July 2012 [Download]
UK Wealth Management at the tipping point?
This report, the product of a major research exercise conducted in conjunction with benchmarking specialist Compeer, shares KPMG perspectives on where the industry is heading.
by: KPMG | Date published : July 2012 [Download]
Portfolio & Relationship Management Software without the Technology Headaches
Can you have your cake and eat it?
by: Object Way | Date published : May 2013 [Download]
Streamlining margin and financing costs no longer on the sidelines for hedge funds
Effective margin and financing management is an essential component in the operational arsenal of today’s hedge fund firms. During the boom years it was an issue which was generally given low priority, but these days as volatile markets make generating co
by: Advent Software | Date published : 2012 [Download]
THE Wealth Report
Never before have wealth creation, economic risk and politics been so closely intertwined with the performance of prime residential and commercial property markets. Drawing on insight from Knight Frank, Citi Private Bank and other leading commentators, Th
by: Knight Frank and Citi Private Bank | Date published : 2012 [Download]
“Value for Money” drives Client Satisfaction in 2011
2011 saw a slight fall in UK wealth management client satisfaction as measured by the MDRC index.
by: MDRC | Date published : 2012 [Download]
‘Islamic Finance for Investment Managers: Five Steps to a Shari’ah-Compliant Portfolio’
‘Five Steps to a Shari’ah-Compliant Portfolio’ explains the principles of Shari’ah, lists the most common Islamic products and transactions and gives the Shari’ah view on conventional instruments along with recommendations on how to pick shares for a Shar
by: Advent Software | Date published : 2012 [Download]
The 2011 Study of High Net Worth December 2011 : Women’s Philanthropy
The 2011 Study of High Net Worth Women’s Philanthropy is the latest in a series of industry-leading reports that began in 2006. The latest report is based on nationwide surveys of wealthy donors completed in 2010 and 2011, and was again conducted in partn
by: Bank of America | Date published : 2011 [Download]
THE GLOBAL DIAMOND INDUSTRY, Lifting the Veil of Mystery
Diamonds are one of the world’s major resources—and historically one of the least understood. For many years observers and even many participants have considered the diamond industry to be complex and difficult to comprehend, even impenetrable. This repor
by: Bain & Co | Date published : 2011 [Download]
Trends in the Banking and Finance Sector
Building on the insight provided by our inaugural Jones Lang LaSalle Global Corporate Real Estate (CRE) Survey 2011 and a series of discussions with our clients, this report delves into responses received from banking and finance executives, highlighting
by: Jones Lang LaSalle | Date published : 2011 [Download]
Seizing the Moment: Building Tomorrow’s Winning Asset & Wealth Management Leadership
Europe in disarray… American politics gridlocked… Continued deleveraging and headcount reductions across financial services…
by: Russell Reynolds Associates | Date published : 2011 [Download]
Seven Reasons to Consider Emerging Market
Emerging markets offer more investment opportunities than developed economies in terms of economic growth potential.
by: Mirae Asset Global Investments | Date published : 2011 [Download]
The Future of Asian Trust and Estate Practice
An Asian focussed report in the '5 Futures' series looking at the future of practice in Hong Kong and Singapore.
by: STEP | Date published : 2011 [Download]
‘Best of breed’ - the only way forward?
The focus for over a decade was on ‘best of breed’ analytical engines to satisfy specific requirements for asset classes, strategies and geographies. This has resulted in asset managers renting, owning or subscribing to various systems, services or calcul
by: DST Global Solutions | Date published : 2011 [Download]
The impact of the wealth continuum on analytical platforms
In DST Global Solutions’ latest White Paper, Graeme Condie, Sales Director - UK, Europe and Middle East, explores the challenges many wealth management firms are facing in view of increasingly sophisticated investors demanding ever more transparency of th
by: DST Global Solutions | Date published : 2011 [Download]
La Lettre - The Final Withholding Tax
The final withholding tax or how to reconcile tax conformity with the protection of financial privacy
by: Geneva Private Bankers | Date published : 2011 [Download]
Trends in Wealth Management in EMEA
The financial crisis has had a profound effect on the wealth management industry. It is reshaping the way investors think about their managers, while inciting firms to reconfigure the types of services they offer in return, and the manner in which they ar
by: Advent Software | Date published : 2011 [Download]
DEDICATION: Portraits of Women in Family Business
A new report by Coutts & Co, entitled ‘Dedication – Portraits of Women in Family Business’, reveals the top factors that women should take into consideration when working for a family business.
by: Coutts & Co | Date published : 2011 [Download]
The past, present & future of THE HEDGE FUND INDUSTRY
The BNP Paribas Hedge Fund Centre at SMU is one of the few specialist centres for hedge fund research and education in the world. We bring together leading academics, industry practitioners, and students with a view to enhancing the understanding of the h
by: BNP Paribas Hedge Fund Centre at SMU | Date published : 2011 [Download]
Client Reporting Teams: The Unsung Heroes of the Investment Management World
The paper demonstrates the importance of the work client reporting teams in meeting the exacting demands of clients, and showcasing the work of the business. Providing an analysis of the key elements of client reporting; experience, systems and value-adde
by: 3i Infotech | Date published : 2011 [Download]
World Wealth Report
Capgemini and Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management are pleased to present the 2011 World Wealth Report. Our two firms have been working together for over 20 years to study key trends that affect high net worth individuals (HNWIs) around the globe.
by: Capgemini and Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management | Date published : 2011 [Download]
High Net Worth
High Net Worth is a unique monthly publication that provides a digest of data and insights for professionals who market and sell to the wealthy. It covers finance and wealth management, luxury goods, lifestyle and philanthropy, as well as opinion pieces a
by: Ledbury Research | Date published : 2011 [Download]
FATCA and its Impact on Wealth Management Systems
As the FATCA rollout draws near, Foreign Financial Institutions worldwide are under pressure to assess and overcome the challenges posed by the new US reporting and withholding regime.
by: 3i Infotech | Date published : 2011 [Download]
Wealth Trends: 2011 Investment Survey Insights
Families are feeling more confident about their investments and the economy, and appear more willing to make decisions about their families and wealth.
by: Family Office Exchange | Date published : 2011 [Download]
Client Reporting - Data is King
3i Infotech has used its intimate knowledge of the investment management industry to develop Reporting to Clients, a standalone reporting solution that encompasses the entire investment reporting process.
by: 3i Infotech | Date published : 2011 [Download]
China Private Wealth Report
China will be home to more than half a million high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) in 2011, nearly twice as many as in 2008. And while wealth creation remains their top objective, the safety of their assets is now their second highest concern. A Bain study
by: Bain & Co | Date published : 2011 [Download]

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