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The impact of technology on investment funds
Where does the industry sit in its technology journey? How good is it at applying innovation? And in which areas can it improve? Funds Europe, in association with Calastone, surveyed the industry to provide answers to these questions.
by: Calastone | Date published : November 2019 [Download]
Sharpening the Competitive Edge: A Tier 2 /Tier 3 Bank Perspective
The Euro region experienced a positive growth of 2.4% in 2017. However, the following two metrics indicate the banking industry did not perform well compared to 2015 and 2016.
by: ERI | Date published : October 2019 [Download]
Assessment of Value: Managing data & design
Within the UK market there are approximately 2,345 unique funds, with approximately 11,100 share classes.
by: Broadridge | Date published : October 2019 [Download]
Forbes Insights: Accelerate Business Value with Intelligent Automation
Forbes Insights surveyed over 300 senior executives around the world and asked how and where they’re transforming their businesses with enterprise automation solutions, as well as the benefits—and barriers—to doing more.
by: Kofax | Date published : March 2019 [Download]
Boutique asset managers: The path to scale
The asset management community is unique, comprising organizations that run diverse strategies covering multiple regions and asset classes. Each has its own bespoke structure and setup, and its own obligations and requirements. Due to their size, boutique
by: SSC | Date published : January 2019 [Download]
Credit Funds - The Growth of an Asset Class
Fund managers diversify their strategies to reduce risk and to deliver new and reliable sources of returns for end clients. As more institutional and alternative asset managers acknowledge the difficulties presented by today’s market conditions, such as c
by: SSC | Date published : January 2019 [Download]
Digitisation in practice
: Whose customer are you?
by: Economist Intelligence Unit | Date published : January 2019 [Download]

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