RBS Woos Investment Bank Buyers

People close to RBS tell me it has appointed Lazard, the investment bank, in recent days to handle an auction of swathes of its global banking and markets (GBM) division.


RBS plan puts 10,000 jobs at risk

The job cuts – combined with an expected £1bn-2bn of restructuring costs – are the worst-case scenario in plans being considered by Stephen Hester, RBS’s chief executive, who finally accepted in November that the investment bank th


French banks 'cutting US staff'

A French banker based in the United States told Les Echos that the layoffs had been "particularly brutal" in the past few weeks.


Time for a British investment bank

First, some £40billion of ‘credit easing’ designed to get cheaper credit flowing to small and medium sized enterprises and, second, a boost for infrastructure spending to create jobs and investment in new capital projects.


Bank ring-fencing rule gives foreign banks advantage

Foreign banks could gain a competitive advantage over their British rivals as a result of a controversial change in the wording of Government proposals requiring UK-based banks to ring-fence their retail arms.


A critique of the financial sector and people's behaviour

First of all I may say that the essay was wrote on December of 2010 when the actual financial crisis was not in its worst stage but all the conclusions fits very well to some of the events that have happened in the last months and actually continue happe


ANZ set sights on EU banks' Asian assets

IN the countdown to the close of 2011, with European banks caught in an ugly pincer movement, ANZ Banking Group chief executive Mike Smith began knocking on some doors.


HSBC May Save $1.5 Billion on Loss-Absorbing Capital Requirement

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne said yesterday banks must sell securities capable of absorbing the equivalent of a minimum of 17 percent of risk-weighted assets worldwide, backing the recommendations of the Independent Commission on Banking.


Top French lender moves ahead with slimdown

The European Banking Authority said last week that Credit Agricole was the only one of France’s three main listed banks that didn’t need to increase its capital in order to comply with Europe’s new and more stringent banking rules.