Deutsche Bank To Sell Asset Management Unit

Positions will go across all layers of the business and geographies, said Morgan Stanley. The bank, which employs just over 60,000 people including several thousand in the City of London, has seen its shares tumble by almost half this year as investors wo


Banks prep for life after Euro

At least one—the Central Bank of Ireland—is evaluating whether it needs to secure additional access to printing presses in case it has to churn out new bank notes to support a reborn national currency, according to people familiar with the mat


U.S. firms build cash buffer to European crisis in Q3

After getting stung by the U.S. financial crisis that accompanied the recent recession, companies are bracing for a possible worsening of Europe's debt crisis that could make it harder to borrow money.


Argonaut adds Euro banks in high-alpha fund

Partner Barry Norris has introduced around 3 per cent exposure to Banca Intesa, BNP Paribas and UBS, which marks the fund’s first eurozone bank exposure in four years.


UK chancellor tells banks to chop bonuses

Instead of reducing loans on their balance sheets, which could starve the wider economy of credit, they should build up their capital reserves, possibly by tapping shareholders, the FPC added.


Lawyers wrangle over RBS 'gamble'

The bank's former directors include Sir Tom McKillop, who was RBS's chairman, and Sir Fred Goodwin, who orchestrated its expansion as chief executive.


KPMG receives industry recognition

KPMG picked up the Audit Award of the Year for its work with a new client, with the judges recognising that the firm had provided “innovative ways of adding value” and done so quickly.