There Are Now 10,000 E-Residents of Estonia

The small Baltic country of just over one million people has been accepting virtual residents since December 2014, and aims to have as many as 10 million of them by 2025.


Barclays has "no plans" to support Google's service

Barclays has opted to develop and expand its own Contactless Mobile arm of its Barclays Mobile Banking app, which, like Android Pay, uses near-field communication technology to make swift contactless payments.


GFT launches revolutionary Regulatory Change Management Service

Using the GFT Regulatory Change Management Service, banks can ensure that senior managers are able to confidently deal with the high frequency of global regulatory change in a structured way, across the organisational silos that exist within the firm.


Barclays strikes UK mobile payments deal

Barclays said that the tie-up between its Pingit app, which allows account holders at any bank to “ping” money to other individuals and businesses through their mobile phone number, and Bottomline, a provider of corporate payment services, is