6 out of 10 people would consider cryptocurrency investment

An increasing general awareness of cryptocurrencies and how they work, plus a growing sense that cryptocurrency regulation is now inevitable, are perhaps the main reasons why such a high percentage of people are now open to looking at the possibilities of


Dion Global launches Wealth Intelligence platform

The new brand re-enforces the strategic objectives of the modular approach with its open API ecosystem and data agnostic approach interrogated via any existing user interface or Dion’s recently launched modern browsers.


Digital-only banks losing their appeal

But, while digital usage in banking continues to grow, people are moving more towards the mobile and online channels of traditional players, rather than the app-only challengers.


Metropole Gestion selects SimCorp Dimension

Metropole Gestion was founded in 2002, and describes itself as one of France’s first asset management companies specialising in stock picking, bond picking and diversified portfolio management