Adviser puts robo service on ice

One of the areas where Mr Rush said he was looking to improve the service was in how vulnerable clients were serviced, something he said his experiences helping steelworkers with their pensions had emphasised.


Another Guernsey first for ILS trend-setter

Last year Mr Edmonds announced that Dom Re IC, a cell of Solidum Re, had issued what was believed to be the first notes ever to have been digitised on a private blockchain.


Asset management network RigoBlock partners with Ethfinex

The emergence of Ethereum as a disruptive force within the financial space has allowed us to reinvent the ways in which value can be captured and shared, and we're eager to build an ecosystem of added value products into Ethfinex for our users, start


ERI wins the "Best Private Banking System"

Systems in the City Awards are positioned as being a leading endorsement for suppliers of services and systems to the regulated financial services sector in the United Kingdom.


London market needs to identify hidden AI exposure

The reason this search will be necessary is a growing realisation that AI can affect a broad range of risks in ways that underwriters had not foreseen, Neil Beresford, partner at Clyde & Co, explained at a seminar on the impact of AI on underwriting.