UK Unveils New Plans To Tackle Tax Avoidance

Tax avoidance has become a hot topic in the UK recently, with the government keen to be seen as cracking down on the practice. Last month, a number of high profile celebrities were revealed as having participated in legal schemes including the 'K2&am


German courts take aim at Ecclestone

Bribery is a serious charge in Germany in which suspects are usually arrested but nevertheless, the 81-year-old British multi-millionaire has said he will attend this weekend's German Grand Prix at Hockenheim.


Legislators must force cultural change in financial services

The Panel has long argued that the defective culture of financial services organisations is at the root of misselling. Providers putting their own interests above those of the customer have characterised both the PPI and Libor scandals.


MF Global to return £54m to clients

Richard Heis, the joint special administrator of MF Global UK, said: '[The] court hearing represents an important milestone in returning some £54 million of agreed client assets.'


Banks file claims against Greek tycoon

Mr Lavrentiadis, who held stakes in chemicals, pharmaceuticals and media companies and a private bank that collapsed last year, is already being investigated by a Greek prosecutor for alleged criminal fraud, embezzlement and money-laundering. He has denie


WikiLeaks circumvents financial blockade with French bank account

Widmer-Schlumpf and her German counterpart Wolfgang Schäuble disagreed over whether the authorities of WikiLeaks has begun accepting donations through a French non-profit organization, as part of an attempt to circumvent a financial blockade from maj