WikiLeaks circumvents financial blockade with French bank account

Widmer-Schlumpf and her German counterpart Wolfgang Schäuble disagreed over whether the authorities of WikiLeaks has begun accepting donations through a French non-profit organization, as part of an attempt to circumvent a financial blockade from maj


Credit Agricole says not accused of rate manipulation

The statement was issued in response to a Financial Times report that regulators were investigating Credit Agricole, HSBC, Deutsche Bank and Societe Generale for involvement in manipulating an interest rate that plays a key role in global markets.


Potential Impact of RDR Chapter 5 Regulation - Research

These rules relate to those organisations responsible for the provision of nominee services to retail investors investing in authorised funds, and demand the timely distribution of certain mutual fund information and notification of voting events to all u


FSA Boos: Barclays' gaming culture

Andrew Bailey, head of the Prudential Business Unit at the Financial Services Authority (FSA), added that Mr Diamond's account of his and the bank's relationship with regulators was "highly selective".


HSBC faces probe on money laundering claims

The multiyear probe into HSBC by the Senate permanent subcommittee on investigations is expected to reveal activities similar to those that led Wachovia Bank to reach a $160m agreement with the Department of Justice in 2010 to settle allegations that it l