Credit risk mitigation

An automatic confidentiality disclaimer generated by your IT system on emails will not, of itself, be regarded as binding on the Bank of England.


Our powers to ban a promotion or advert

This power acts against the promotion or advert, not the firm itself. (It works differently from other powers we have when firms generally don't comply with our rules


Royal Court issues letter of request to High Court

Again, while counsel was unaware of any case where the English courts had assisted the Royal Court, there have been several occasions where it has done so in respect of Jersey companies.


Gowling WLG Strengthens India Referral Agreement

The agreement will enable Gowling WLG clients in need of legal advice in India - or those seeking to enter the Indian market – to access Naik Naik & Company's broad suite of legal services.


Brexit and contractual continuity

The FSCR Regulations will allow EEA firms that have pre-existing contracts in the UK which would require a permission to service to continue to carry on the relevant regulated activities in the UK