UBS, Deutsche Bank Fight U.K. Over Taxes on 2003 Bonus Plans

UBS AG (UBSN) and Deutsche Bank AG (DBK) said they don’t owe taxes over a 2003 compensation plan U.K. authorities argue was designed to avoid millions of pounds in taxes and national insurance contributions on employee bonuses.


Liontrust acquires Walker Crips Asset Managers

The acquisition of WCAM broadens the fund management capability at Liontrust, increases Liontrust's assets under management to more than £2 billion and gives the company one of the strongest ranges of UK equity funds and teams.


Private banks get tough on mortgages

Many banks are demanding that clients transfer assets of significant value to qualify for a lower mortgage rate, while others include a clause that says the interest rate will rise after six or 12 months if the promised cash or investments are not deposit


ABN Amro hit by 880m euros Greek losses ‎

The losses incurred by its exposure to Greece were in the form of corporate loans guaranteed by the Greek government and not direct loans to the government in Athens itself.