BNP Paribas reports wealth and asset management profit drop

6 billion euros in NET INCOME ATTRIBUTABLE TO EQUITY HOLDERS, DESPITE THE GREEK SOVEREIGN DEBT IMPAIRMENT increasing the provision to 75% of the total greek debt exposure, confirming the robustness of BNp paribas’ business model


Pictet AM launches EUR Short Term High Yield fund

In an environment of moderate growth, low inflation and deleveraging, EUR high yield short dated bonds offer an attractive risk/return profile in a European market that has matured at a rapid pace over the past several years.


Cameron calls for truce on bonuses

The government plans to play down the significance of banker bonuses over the rest of the bonus season as it attempts to call a truce in the war of words between politicians and bankers.


High-rate pensions tax relief faces axe

Wealthier savers should be stripped of the higher-rate tax relief on pensions, Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander suggests, in a move that will increase pressure on George Osborne to make the rich pay more.


Is bashing barclays bankers justified

As Barclays reveals its profits Channel 4 News Business Correspondent Sarah Smith asks if, in this case, it is time to stop the popular pastime of banker bashing?


The rich lose a little faith in their wealth managers

The satisfaction levels of high new worth individuals (HNWIs) with their main contacts at UK wealth managers has fallen this year, with a decline in those saying they are 'very satisfied' with the service received.


Coutts hosts 'Women in Philanthropy Forum'

On Friday, over 60 philanthropists came together at Coutts’ head office to discuss and explore the important role that philanthropy can play in supporting women and girls in the UK and internationally.