Dutch Pension Funds Embrace UN Goals

The managers, which invest a combined €600 billion ($705 billion) say these investments can fulfill the risk return requirements of their clients


Automatic Enrollment Boosts UK Pension Participation

The report found that the overall proportion of eligible employees saving into a workplace pension increased to 78% from 55% between the time automatic enrollment was introduced in October 2012, and April of 2016.


ING scheme loses 0.6% in second quarter

The €26.6bn ING Pensioenfonds said it lost 0.6% on investments during the second quarter, chiefly due to rising interest rates and the appreciation of the euro relative to the dollar. The closed scheme said that its 75% matching portfolio lost 0.8%


UK world-leading in workplace pension importance

In fact, the only country to place greater reliance on workplace savings for retirement is the Netherlands, with people there expecting 38% of their total pension income to come from employer schemes.


AXA Wealth rebrands to Phoenix Wealth

We recognise how important the on-line offering is to advisers and their customers and we are committed to continue to offer this key service.