Providers rally behind FSCP protection gap report

It found there was no "silver bullet" to address the protection gap but warned the benefits of products like income protection were hidden behind "complex choices and caveats in the small print" which put people off.


Court rules pension payouts can't be capped

The court ruled every individual employee must receive old-age benefits corresponding to at least 50 per cent of the value of their accrued entitlement under a supplementary occupational pension scheme in the event of his employer's insolvency.


Anger Grows Across Russia Over Pensions

The plan to raise the retirement age is stirring public unrest and is unlikely to bring significant relief to the country's struggling economy, experts say.


Crackdown on Pension Funds to Protect Investors

The move comes as part of a government initiative to safeguard workers and their pensions, and also to safeguard small suppliers that are adversely affected when companies go bust.