Masding buys shares in Permanent TSB

Profits were whittled down by exceptionals including €14m in respect of its restructuring programme and a €3m charge related to its €21m fine from the Central Bank's investigation into the tracker mortgage scandal.


'Bad bank' repays £50bn bailout loan

Northern Rock imploded when the credit crunch struck, as it was then deprived of cash on the international money markets, which it had used as a source of funds to lend to homeowners.


Tesco Bank exits mortgage market

The sale process will remain confidential until a transaction is confirmed and the bank said there would be no changes to customer accounts as a result of the lender’s exit from the mortgage market.


Metro Bank shares continue to slide

It said it would raise the money via a share placing, with additional shares created and offered to new and existing investors.


HSBC: Banking by Proxy?

It’s breeding is impeccable in a region that values pedigree almost as much as the British peerage does.


Co-operative Bank posts losses

“Another focus area this year is to fix the basics that will provide a platform for development in future years, including concluding the separation of our IT infrastructure from the Co-op Group, and we are making good headway.”