Top soccer manager’s secret Swiss account stuns Germany

A former football star himself who is at once loved and loathed across Germany for his outspoken opinions on sports and politics, said he had voluntarily alerted tax authorities in January that he held the Swiss account.


Financial Transaction Tax 'may add to eurozone’s debt woes’

The world’s largest banks have warned European finance ministers that plans to impose a Financial Transactions Tax could deepen the Continent’s sovereign debt crisis. In a strongly-worded letter, the International Banking Federation also


France Mulls Anti-Tax Evasion Bill

The bill establishes a "tax police" to combat tax evasion, and creates an "aggravating circumstance" for the most serious types of tax fraud


Norway submits to FATCA

The country also released an accompanying Memorandum of Understanding —a departure from what has happened with the release of other IGAs


Threat of 'wealth tax' on holiday homes

Britons who own homes in Spain and other troubled eurozone states could face a new "wealth tax" to help fund future bail-outs, influential German economists have suggested.