Norwegian Fund Manager Talks Tax Evasion

Tax evasion is therefore a "theme" that NBIM "follow[s] closely." Looking forward, Slygstad said that it could also "be an interesting area for us to focus on in the future.


Greece to seize assets of tax dodgers

An estimated €60 billion in unpaid taxes and social security contributions are currently owed to the Greek government, leaving a gaping hole in the country's budget.


'Cowboy' tax advisers face £1m in HMRC fines

"The proposals in this consultation will allow HMRC to further close in on the cowboy advisers promoting these high-risk schemes," David Gauke, the Treasury Secretary, said.


HSBC replaces long-time auditor KPMG

Banks have come under pressure to change their auditors more frequently to keep accountants on their toes after lenders, some of whom have used the same auditor for over a century, were given a clean bill of health just before they were rescued in the 200