Tax Amnesty a Success in Netherlands

Taxpayers in the Netherlands have come forward in droves to square off their tax affairs via a tax amnesty before the government significantly hikes the fees and penalties for tax evasion and other illicit activities.


French Assembly Passes Tax Evasion Bill

The French National Assembly has definitively adopted the Government's anti-tax evasion and major economic and financial crime bill. The legislation was passed by 358 votes to 198.


Customs agents seizing increasing amounts of undeclared cash

The cash, often in bundles of 500-euro notes, is moving with political currents as some Europeans seek to hide their wealth from rising taxes, high-profile tax investigations and tightening rules at Swiss banks and other traditional havens.


France Observes "Influx" Of Voluntary Tax Declarations

The "influx" of requests followed publication on June 21 of a circular, drafted by French Budget Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, detailing the exact conditions governing the treatment of voluntary declarations submitted by French taxpayers with unta


Cayman Islands: UK tax agreement signed

The government signs a Tax Information Exchange Agreement with the United Kingdom, under which it will send all British nationals’ account information to the mother country.


France Publishes 2012 Tax Fraud Figures

The number of operations involving the most serious cases of tax fraud was up 1.5 percent in 2012 compared to 2011, amounting to 31.4 percent of total external audits carried out last year.