Britain to scrap Bitcoin tax

The UK’s welcoming approach to Bitcoin contrasts with the approach of other countries, amid concerns about its use for tax evasion and money laundering as well as its notoriety for wide fluctuations in value.


US FATCA in the UK | Updated HMRC Guidance Notes released

These guidance notes supersede the version released on 14 August 2013 and reflect the contributions received from UK businesses and advisers prior to the updated US FATCA Regulations issued by the IRS and US Treasury on 20 February 2014.


HMRC’s Offshore Tax Avoidance Campaign

HMRC have launched a brand new offshore tax avoidance campaign, showing the strangely attractive eyes of HMRC leering at you through a map of the modern world.


Russia targets offshore investors

The Russian Finance Ministry will offer companies based offshore but with operations in Russia a choice: either disclose their ultimate beneficiaries and maintain their zero tax rate, or pay taxes at the higher Russian rate.


French Bank Account Regularization Requests Top 15,000

French Budget Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has told the National Assembly Finance Committee that almost 16,000 residents with undeclared foreign bank accounts have elected to regularize their tax situation in the last eight months, through a voluntary decla


Germany, France seek to revive transaction tax plan

Germany and France will lead a face-saving bid this week to revive a flagging project to tax financial transactions in 11 euro zone countries and allay fears it could hamper economic recovery.