RSM Weekly Tax Brief

The UK Supreme Court has recently released a favourable judgment regarding one potential trigger of this self-supply charge.


Tax sting for those returning to Blighty

This was when long-standing expats had no voting rights in what would go on to become one of the most impactful political shifts of a generation, and an election that would no doubt bear repercussions on their future living overseas.


Weekly Tax Brief - 7 April 2021

So for businesses that have experienced a loss in the last year, getting your accounts and tax returns prepared early and filing these with HMRC could unlock a repayment of tax paid in previous years and bring some much-needed positive cash flow.


Weekly Tax Brief - 30 March 2021

This means that where completion takes place at the end of the tax year, or exchange and completion take place in different tax years, it is possible to file the self-assessment tax return instead.