Germans for Brexit

Why I have written a pro-Brexit book for a German audience.


Alternative views by Tim Price

One of the many joys of unshackling yourself from the confines of the mainstream media is that you get to hear interesting, intriguing and thought-provoking perspectives, in a longform format.


Brexit - Deal or No Deal by Geoff Cook

Fearing another defeat, the PM's Deputy David Lidington was reported to be engaged in a last ditch attempt over the weekend to build a cross party consensus between a no deal and the withdrawal agreement concluded with the EU.


Qatar resists bank merger

The discontent among key shareholders adds to widening opposition to the deal, which Germany sees as a way to ensure financing to the country’s export-oriented economy during a downturn.


Private M&A in France

The time period for achieving the transaction varies depending on the circumstances


Hundreds of UK houses in off-shore havens

Of these, 362 are owned by companies based in so-called secrecy jurisdictions, or tax havens – countries whose laws allow them to keep their financial activities private or to pay a low amount of tax.