Schroders 2013 Outlook Series - Part 1

Asia appears to be relatively resilient in the face of global uncertainty – there are still numerous good investment ideas in the region, particularly in Southeast Asia, where the economies are still developing.


Too quiet on the western front by Tim Price

Your endorsement of Mr Obama and his policies for a second term reminded me of Samuel Johnson’s aphorism, that getting married a second time represents the triumph of hope over experience.


HSBC Chairman urges bankers to swear an oath

Douglas Flint, the chairman of HSBC, is pushing for bankers to take an oath similar to that sworn by doctors as part of radical plans to overhaul the way the profession is viewed in the wake of the financial crisis and successive banking scandals.


Black Sales - Red Budgets

Happy Black Friday. So is the US consumer rising in confidence? All will be revealed once the first figures are out following Black Friday.