Free banking: what are the alternatives to the high street banks?

Until the meltdown at NatWest last month, most of us no doubt took it for granted that our salaries would automatically appear in our bank accounts, direct debits would be paid on time and we could withdraw our own money from a cashpoint when we needed it


The London Singapore swing

Some young London bankers intent on saving their careers are trading the troubles of the Square Mile for the shiny shore of Lion City. Simon English weighs the pros and cons of moving there


And finally… HMRC’s latest weapon – child tax spies?

In the Soviet era, children were recruited to inform on their parents. While we support HMRC in its reasonable efforts to manage the tax system, recruiting children in to a Stasi-style venture might, we suggest, be going a little too far.


UK banks must correct cultural failures

If the Olympics have reinforced the UK's reputation for honest competition and fair play, the City of London has a long way to go to reclaim those virtues for itself.


A US sledgehammer to crack Standard Chartered

Peter Sands, the chief executive of Standard Chartered and until last week the High Priest of banking virtue, must be wondering what he's done in a previous life to deserve the attentions of Benjamin Lawsky.