Balls - I'm planning a proper wealth tax

A future Labour government could bring in a wealth tax on high-value properties to safeguard the NHS and invest in the economy, the Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls reveals today.


Don’t make wealth tax a habit

So, in normal times, the Treasury jumps from a great height on anyone in government who speculates on tax policy.


Would a wealth tax work?

The imposition of a wealth tax could well lead to a drop in yields from other taxes.


Selling love and buying panic

The below charts compare the indicators with the six-month forward return on the Euro Stoxx 50 and S&P 500 respectively, meaning the last blue observation is the return on the index today if one had invested six-months ago.


London's future: The City changes course

A growing litany of scandals is challenging London's position as never before. With capital fast building up in Asia itself, what role does The City have in the future?