Business ethics: split the myth from the hard reality

Al Gini, a professor of business ethics at the School of Business Administration at Loyola University in Chicago, has a different perspective. He argues that business is not inherently bad, it just happens to offer many temptations – to counter this


London No Longer Safe for the Wealthy

Panic rooms, gun safes and machine-gun-proof doors are appearing in London homes of the super-rich as, foreign newcomers bring their security issues to the UK capital.


ECB gets more serious about saving the euro - Coutts

While the European Central Bank’s new OMT bond-purchase programme announced at today’s press conference was in line with previous leaks, by making peripheral debt potentially investable again the programme has significant ongoing investment im


Balls - I'm planning a proper wealth tax

A future Labour government could bring in a wealth tax on high-value properties to safeguard the NHS and invest in the economy, the Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls reveals today.


Don’t make wealth tax a habit

So, in normal times, the Treasury jumps from a great height on anyone in government who speculates on tax policy.


Would a wealth tax work?

The imposition of a wealth tax could well lead to a drop in yields from other taxes.