Virgin keen to launch new bank in SA

If British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson has his way, the South African banking sector arena would be making way for a new heavyweight contender.


Italian elections – no laughing matter - Coutts

The voice of anti-austerity was loud and clear in Italian elections, delivering the worst-case scenario – a likely hung parliament with no leading party able to put together a workable coalition.


Speed bumps ahead - BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research

The current crisis is distinct from previous crisis episodes because this crisis affects a large set of European countries that are highly integrated via trade and financial channels, and, because the magnitude of economic policies implemented is unpreced


Positive Signs Resonate Worldwide in Early 2013 -RESEARCH

U.S. housing sales, retail sales and job numbers strengthening - Germany, Italy and Spain showing signs of economic improvement - Growth in China expected to exceed 7.5 per cent in 2013 - Canadian investors seeing better returns on equities


Financial crisis just a 'blip' for bankers

The financial crisis has been “little more than a blip” for London bankers who were being paid more three years after it hit than before and were more likely to be employed than other workers, a report has found.