Outlook 2012: Situation Stalemate

In early October 2011, Baker Tilly commissioned YouGov to conduct our ‘Outlook 2012’ survey of the opinions of business decision-makers.



I have to say that I am sick to death of all the doom-mongers and depressants that seem to be continuously preaching to us at the moment.


Is the Financial Crisis a Male Syndrome?

Testosterone, rather than neurons, may push male egos into ever-more-complex speculative bets, a gambling binge made possible by advanced technology, mathematical techniques, and globalization.


Relief for UK-resident US taxpayers

The comfort provided by the United States Internal Revenue Service announcement to UK-resident US taxpayers should help UK businesses retain senior US staff who might otherwise leave the UK once they have been here several years.


Commitment, Continuity and Consistency

The Bahamas, while only 38-years-old as an independent country, is rich in history with the oldest democracy and one of the longest established international financial services sector in the region.


Transparency and HMRC’s accounts

While it is good to see evidence that HMRC is beginning to stabilise the administration of PAYE, it is clear that more work needs to be done on the way HMRC uses its powers to resolve disputes in the HMRC Corporate Programme.