Why Russia prefers BRICS to Europe

Europe has an irresistible appeal for many Russians but after repeated rebuffs by the West, Moscow is coming around to the view that BRICS makes a better bedfellow.


More Housing Hokum by Justin Urquhart Stewart

The latest „Help to Buy‟ plans, much vaunted by our esteemed politicians at their party conference last week, seems to have been not quite as popular with some of the banks as had originally been implied.


BNP Paribas CEO Talks on Big Takeovers

BNP Paribas has ruled out big takeovers like Commerzbank as it builds its presence in specialised banking businesses in Germany over the next three years


Emerging markets are still dependent

The looming spectre preying on investors’ nerves is the possibility that the US Federal Reserve could start tapering off its quantitative easing programme.