Back to 1952 - Coutts & Co

Does it make sense for longer-term investors to hold government bonds when better yields are available from dividends?


We are richer in 2012, but are we happier?

The research claims that even though Britons are three times richer than they were in 1952, and UK GDP has dramatically increased, so has the Government's budget deficit.


The Unconventional Becomes Conventional

Standard Life Investments, the global investment manager, believes that a lengthy period of Quantitative Easing (QE) is needed to support economies through years of fiscal tightening and debt de-leveraging.


Euro treads water, at the deep end - Coutts & Co

We believe the potential for negative events in Europe will keep the euro on the defensive against the dollar and sterling, but the downside looks limited in the near term given investors in general are already broadly holding negative positions.


HMRC pushes back

Following breaches in the Banking Code of Practice on Taxation, retrospective tax legislation is to be introduced.


Paying the piper….

HM Revenue & Customs have now started to issue the £100 penalty notices to those people in self-assessment that did not submit their return by the deadline of 2 February 2012.


Global Investment Banking Revenue to Drop 4%

The analysts upgraded their estimate for fixed-income, currencies and commodities sales to a 13 percent drop for the first quarter from a decline of 26 percent after a “material improvement” at the start of the year, the analysts said, while t


Adviser confidence starts to rise

Advisers are feeling more confident about the UK economy but unemployment and government spending cuts are of growing concern, according to Skandia’s latest Adviser Confidence Barometer.


Learning a lesson from the Americans

Following my comments about the missing financial infrastructure in the UK, I was recently comparing the US banking and financial structures with our own.