Boutiques stage fightback

“Investors around the world may not be in a position to access boutique managers as easily as the big firms. As a consequence of the crisis, many distributors prefer well-known names, because it is easier to pick up a strong brand recognised by inve


Time to scotch the myth around bankers' bonuses

I was pleased to hear the City grandee lawyer Anthony Salz, right, in his independent review of Barclays' corporate culture last week, echo a point that I've been making for some time about bankers' pay.


A Game Changer?

Surely it is a given - the demand for oil will continue to rise. As the emerging and developing nations seek to grow - and consume a greater proportion of world energy - then this has to be a one way street?


The World's Top 20 Green Banks in 2012

The Bloomberg Markets third annual ranking of the world's greenest banks evaluates the efforts of financial institutions to invest in clean energy and reduce their own waste and carbon footprints.


Off target

POLITICIANS need a pretty good reason for interfering in the way that a business pays its employees


Schroders ‘set for the premier league’

Hollands says that the acquisition is first and foremost about private banking and wealth management, giving Schroders a “pretty significant market share” within the UK.