What Does Brexit Mean For UK Fintech?

In this interactive Q&A, we will talk with leading fintech experts to discuss what impact this decision will have on the future of the British fintech.


Liars led by junkies by Tim Price

“In a stark warning to politicians, [Bank of England] governor Mark Carney said a downturn was on its way and Britain was already suffering from “economic post-traumatic stress disorder”.


Little Clarity for Overseas Wealth

‘Funds and wealth businesses with EU registration and branches will be able to exploit their position best, and I expect Dublin and Luxembourg to benefit from the vote.’


Investing in residential property

Interestingly, our advisers Robert Holmes & Co, has received enquiries from a number of foreign buyers since last week’s Brexit decision.


Brexit - An Update from Jersey Finance

We're sure you have been following the historic events occurring in the United Kingdom and the European Union following the UK referendum outcome to exit the EU.