Co-investing in development opportunities in the UK

An inevitable outcome of greater government intervention in the form of higher taxes and tighter regulations is more creative alternative investment schemes targeted at cash-rich investors. The primary target? Singaporeans. Owing to the series of property


London offers an easy home for dirty money

There is no suggestion that any of these figures broke the law in their offshore dealings but the revelations of their hidden wealth through the release of the Panama Papers have sparked questions from fellow citizens.


Is Estonia Europe’s Newest Startup Hub?

Estonia is a tiny Baltic state with just 1.3 million people. One look at this miniscule country and you would dismiss the idea that it could ever become a major European startup hub. But look closer and you can find out some key reasons as to why it&r


News Analysis: Stars still shining bright

But according to research by PwC, bosses’ anxiousness is starting to win out after a period in which high-profile departures sparked a series of major fund outflows.


This is how Stockholm could benefit from Brexit

Sweden can't sit idle and hope for the best. It needs to start planning for a future in which the UK has left the EU, argue Maria Rankka and Andreas Hatzigeorgiou of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.