IFS points to 'substantial tax break' for wealthy

At the same time 18 per cent of the highest income tax payers in the UK derived their main income from being members of a partnership, either a limited liability partnership (LLP) or other types.


A turbulent 20 years for Greek banks

This quest was fulfilled 12 years later with the acquisition of Commercial itself from French banking giant Credit Agricole, which had bought the bank in the 2000s.


Global Perspectives by Geoff Cook

ESG terminology can be complicated; terms such as 'Impact investing,' 'socially responsible investing,' and 'green investing' are often used interchangeably, but have quite different meanings.


UK wage growth accelerates in Q2

“This will continue to support consumer spending, which has been the main thing keeping the UK economy afloat over the past six months in the face of ongoing Brexit-related uncertainty and a slowing global economy,” he said.


How to choose an employee share

Incentive schemes, particularly those offering shares to employees, can make the individual employee feel a key part of the business.